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Updated Tribute Reduction and Location details.

I have decided to be a bit more realistic with My tribute price so I have reduced it to £160 per hour which I feel is more do'able for many. I have also elaborated on the Day Rate Package experience which is a truly authentic experience of My Old School traditional Femdom control and Domination for the entire afternoon in My presence exploring My will and service with lunch included and the time to really immerse into the realms of what headspace and real Domination is. It doesn't have to be masochistic it can be none-marked service orientated with limits discussed initially so I understand hard limits and boundaries which will give Me the free-rein to determine if we are suitable or aligned correctly.

The afternoon package is also ideal for Sissy Maid's that desire to serve for the whole day until I dispatch you, this also may involve other's present, maybe some Female friend's to serve too to keep you turning on your heels and ready for attentive etiquette and the old school way.

No fannying around!

Location has been updated to Erdington in Birmingham on the contact page. There may be an additional Birmingham location also added very soon. Good links from Birmingham Central.

My real-time sessions will be officially available after My birthday at the end of September. Thank you to those that have emailed already with enquiries, the successful will be considered invite in September when I announce in advance.

Warm regards


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