• Sovereign Rouge

The Disciplinarians Judicial Singapore Caning 15 Strokes.

The Disciplinarians The Hunteress and Ma’am Rouge Strict Military Uniform Punishment Officers. I have been displeased with My slave so for his punishment I hand his bottom over to The Hunteress to inflict a genuine SINGAPORE CANING, with My very own SINGAPORE CANE one half inch thick and just under 48" long, as I count each stroke personally. A true and authentic ritualistic Judicial Caning.

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Loyal Fans #subscribershttps://loyalfans.com/sovereignrouge

Clips4sale https://clips4sale.com/studio/13392/3581304/the-disciplinarians-part-four-judicial-singapore-caning-15-strokes…

Dominity https://dominity.com/71815



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