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The Cleanest Home in Birmingham - emenac's purpose!

My working week starts at 5pm on Sunday evenings when I set out to drive to Ma'ams. I'm freshly rested, batteries recharged after spending the weekend at home. It takes the best part of an hours drive to get there and if Ma'am is there when I arrive, we usually have a discussion that involves a performance review relating to the the previous weeks service, and any disciplinary measures that will be taken in the week ahead relating to rule infractions, work standards or productivity. My Ma'am and i have always been in total agreement that slaves should be worked hard and within a strict regime. My work schedule is set out by Ma'am, 50 hours per week minimum, and the schedule is such that all these hours are used productively that allows just enough time to for the tasks to be completed to the standards required. The only way to get a good review was to work hard through every one of those hours, without fuss and be totally focussed. Ma'am is extremely observant, never misses anything. So things i may not even be aware of, something i may have missed for example, may come up in these reviews. However small the detail, I have to take note of Ma'ams observations, even if She may seem relaxed about it, else next time.. Despite trying my utmost, there are times when a more serious talking to is required, a repeated fault or something I have been warned about previously perhaps. As a strict disciplinarian, Ma'am will not tolerate an complacency, laxness, laziness or insubordination of any kind. Both Ma'am and myself know that this is the only type of regime that i can truly thrive under and become Her perfect skivvy. Punishments may vary in form but are always guaranteed to be thorough and effective. Ma'am decides what is required and that is that.

As I've been away from Ma'ams domain since the previous Friday, my main work duties on Sunday evening consist of general tidying up around the house. If Ma'am has spent time away over the weekend there may not be that much that needs doing in the kitchen but if She's been around a lot or had friends over at some point then there could be a mountain of washing up waiting, messy worktops etc. The other main rooms to deal with are the bathroom and Ma'ams bedroom. Both will need a superficial tidy-up and Ma'ams bed needs to be stripped and have fresh bedding putting on and the bed made up. Then i have to make sure all the household rubbish is collected, bin bags changed and put in the wheelie bin as the refuse collectors come first thing Monday mornings. By the time I've worked through the above list it's usually bed time. In keeping with Ma'ams own and preferred timetable, early to bed early to rise, this is only 10pm but my physical exertions beforehand ensured i fell into bed exhausted. And I really do need to get to sleep. Mondays are long days, a 12 hour work shift with an early start. My first job is to prepare Ma'ams coffee. After I've attended to Ma'ams needs, I'll have some breakfast and a coffee to wake myself up and then I'll start work on the tasks scheduled for the day. The list on Mondays is varied and extensive. One of the tasks will be fetching the weekly shop from the supermarket. Some of the items required, everyday things like coffee, milk, bread etc, my Ma'am does not have to think about as I am tasked to ensure these things are always available and replenished as needed. Other things too, such as cleaning materials, toiletries. Ma'am no longer has to think about such mundane, yet essential trivialities. They are simply always there for Her. So, the shopping needs to be done, bought back and put away. I also have to do laundry chores. Ma'ams bedclothes to be washed and dried as they will be needed again later in the week. The bathroom is due it's weekly deep/thorough clean as are the bedrooms. Kitchen to be tidyed after every meal. Whilst all this is going on, I also have to attend to Ma'ams needs such as making Her a cuppa. Some jobs need doing daily, others once a week. Every room in the house gets a weekly deep clean. This entails every surface from floor upwards to be either hand washed, scrubbed, cleaned, polished, vacuumed or steamed and left spotlessly clean and free of all stains/splash-marks/dust. These tasks needed elbow grease - no easy rides for Ma'ams skivvy slave. Happy Monday! Every Monday. The day is a hard grind. The work has to be done to time and standard no matter what.

If I finish to time, as I'm expected to, and providing Ma'am is happy, I am allowed some recreational time before bedtime. I may be invited to sit at or massage Ma'ams feet. Or I may be disciplined. Imagine working for 12 hours and then have your leisure time taken away and replaced by writing 200 lines before bedtime. My Ma'am not only insists on a strict regime, but also a harsh one if it's needed. She enjoys providing it. In turn it helps me be a better slave for Her. Discipline is good for a slave to remind him of his position and status. So leisure time, even after a long hard day, can never be taken for granted. Rewards have to be earned. Tuesdays work schedule runs from 6am to 4pm and then I will be allowed home until the following morning. It will be a full day of cleaning and perhaps, gardening. The kitchen to be deep cleaned, another laundry wash, dry and put away (Ma'ams clothing), bed to make, Ma'ams car to be hand-washed, buffed and polished. Interior to be cleaned. The lawn may need mowing, weeds need to be removed - the list is endless. And as always, the living space needs to be kept tidy, bathroom and kitchen clean and tidy at all times. No mess, no clutter tolerated.

Wednesday is a later start. I am required to arrive by 12 noon and I will be there until 12 noon on Friday. In all there is still another 25 hours of work needed to complete the 50 hours of servitude required for the week. Thursday will be another long workday, a full 12 hours. The next week will be the same. And the one after that. A skivvy for life. It takes commitment, effort, dedication and devotion to succeed. To please Ma'am is all that matters. Nothing else, nothing less. My Ma'am is now used to having Her freshly made bed waiting for Her 6 nights a week, Her clothes washed, dried and put away neatly for Her, Her morning coffee ready and waiting, a pristine living space and shopping taken care of. I get time off and the timetable allows me to be at home at least some of the time on 5 days of the week. It's the best job I've ever had. A strict, hard driving boss who expects perfection and ensures She gets it by utilising Her various disciplinarian skills that are guaranteed to satisfy those expectations. Long hours for no pay performing all the mundane, menial tasks most of us would avoid if we could. The never ending cycle of work to keep everything to Ma'ams standards. Ma'am intends to have me doing this until my body gives out. Then i will feel my life is complete and fulfilled, and only then....


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