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Sovereign Smoke C4S Clips Site Est.2015 resurrected!

Feels soul good to resurrect My Sovereign Smoke Clips4sale clip site again established 2015 many years ago with cigarettes not obtainable anymore most are discontinued More 120’s & Sobranie Black Russians which feature at My store. Seems I have etched legacy with My niche again!



Welcome to My Smoke Realm I am the Sovereign of Smoke Mistress Roug'e and all that Smoke Fetishism entails. I delight in the creative delights of smoking and have done so for many decades. I savour the delights of a very Dominant Cigar from all world-wide sources and I actually inhale and exhale all My cigars I would think of nothing less also Majestic and decadent More 120 cigarettes - Black Sobranie Russian - Cocktail Sobranie and Roth-Handle filter less.. I do not limit my smoking to a particular brand I enjoy all satisfying cigarettes and world-wide cigars I never limit Myself to boundaries I am way too diverse... If you are a serious smoke fetishist you will with what I deem is true and honourable smoke fetishism in all its guises and all its wonderous fetishist rebel status Moreso nowadays with smoking being so frowned upon in society.

All hail the smoke fetishists and the smoking fans that keep our sacred vice alive and kicking

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