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Sessions & Website Update Phone Contact.

I have finally organised My Domina phone which will take effect on Wednesday October 20th 10am - 12pm. I have decided to receive calls every Wednesday and Thursday at the same two hour slot and Friday morning 10am - 12pm will be for session confirmations for that day of sessions.

The time is limited in two hour blocks only per phone contact day which I value just like My energy so I advise concise communication ensure you are organised and ready for My questions there will be many!

I require no deposits for My sessions I do not believe in them and never needed them 20 years ago, to add I have ultimate faith in My session acceptance and selection process procedure which is thorough and relentless.

Sessions at a kinky location private discreet residence in Erdington Birmingham.

12pm - 7pm every Friday.

Convenient 10 minute walk from Gravelly Hill Rail station in Erdington Birmingham B23 discreet residential parking.

Telephone: 07934 206425

Telephone Contact: Wednesday & Thursday 10am - 12pm

Session confirmation Friday mornings 9am - 10am.

£160 One Hour

£280 Two Hours

£550 Day Rate

Authentic Old School BDSM

Full-Day experience

12pm - 5pm including service lunch and BDSM a reality experience with you in My capable hands My control and natural Femdom Power.

Filming and Total Power Exchange slave Day!

Filming is one of My passions and I film every month so welcome filming slave applications I am also open to collaborations with other authentic Femdom Mistresses. Filming slave tribute: £100.

Total Power Exchange slave afternoon. ​I will host a once monthly multi slave Training Day called Total Power Exchange where you will have the opportunity to have an audience with Me allowing yourself time for the experience I will dismiss you when I have extracted all My needs from you. This will be a multi slave day where you will be allocated a brand new fabric hood for discretion. The multi slave element of the day will encourage enforced bi and punishment scenarios where there is a need for more then one slave present, it will also be an opportunity to discover other areas of BDSM that you may witness first hand via My attentions with another slave and this may inspire evolution upon your BDSM journey as a reality authentic experience. ​ The venue will be at an extensively equipped discreet chambers in Worcester.

From 12pm Noon until 5pm I decide when I dismiss you.

Tribute £200 per attendee.

Mentoring & Mistress Training

I am available for Mistress Mentoring slave & Mistress package tutoring. We all have to start somewhere from point zero which I did without a mentor I didn't read any BDSM books and there was only Collar Me and Informed Consent as online forum for information and connections which they served well as a starting point. So I decided to become a Professional Domina with the total support of My late Mother who also created My very basic website as it was then. My very first session I literally had a naked knelt male in front of Me and as nervous as I was I thought 'what now?' Most magical moments are in the moment spontaneous and impulsive however that comes with time and a basic rounded ritual of an orchestrated scene which is planned ahead which even creates head space for the Dominant too I know it did with Me. I always have a note pad with Me to write any creative BDSM ideas that come to mind this I advise as a daily ritual I have had My most impromptu ideas at the most inappropriate times. I have the notion of giving back to those that wish to immerse themselves into the BDSM world as a total novice beginner or for those that are already aligned with their calling and wish to polish their skills or hone in on new ideas. I would say D/s for Me was the fundamental catalyst for pleasurable successful experiences so rituals and head space is so mutually rewarding. ​ One to one Femdom Mistress and sub/slave tutoring afternoon at a very discreet private location in the Midlands Birmingham that is fully equipped and I will also host Femdom Mistress Training afternoon's in small groups for Mistresses and their own personal slave/submissive. ​ Mistress Mentoring: £550

Warm regards


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