• Sovereign Rouge

New Quality Control Canes Three.

My slave Butler and I enjoyed a lovely day in Worcester yesterday which began with meeting the founder and owner of Quality Control personally who create the best canes on the world-wide market. I felt My excitement build throughout My morning beginning a brand new collection of what I call hurt'ables! The sun shone as I perused the beautiful array of gorgeous canes My slave Butler noticed My surge of energy as I handled each one in turn, canes actually 'call' you so it is imperative they are handled and viewed in person this I recommend.

I already decided I must own a Singapore Prison Cane again in My arsenal I do enjoy the authenticity and history of such implements of Discipline and My preference for the more heavier and dense canes that strike and swish with precision and brilliance only the best will do!

Smoked Dragon canes have always been a favourite of Mine rattan and kooboo.

So three new canes add to My collection and I look forward to aligning them with worthy and suitable buttocks in need of no-nonsense corporal punishment or a Judicial caning from cold!

Warm regards


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