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New Clip - Prisoner Judicial Punishment.

Leather Clad Prison Officer Ma'am has Her prisoner prepared for his punishment sentence and reads him his charge sheet for offences of sexual harassment against young Women. Prison Officer has decided on 66 lashes in total a Judicial Caning for harsh effect with 33 strokes of the cane and 33 lashes of the Leather Quirt Whip upon the genitals. First the Judicial caning for penetrative infliction while Ma’am smokes a cigarette in Her beautiful holder at Her leisure in between each stoic stroke. Then onto the CBT mount linked in while I deliver the 33 lashes of CBT with My whip on the penis to embed the seriousness of this offence. I also have a degrading idea to end the punishment with a forced drink of My wine in a crystal goblet as a cruel surprise for My satisfaction.

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