• Sovereign Rouge

Free One Hour Whipping in exchange for an OWK Whip.

Very excited about My plans to visit the OWK in 2022 which will be My third visit.

The OWK website have a Whips for Sale page where authentic OWK whips and discipline implements are created and sold. I remember My OWK Cat O Nine Tails which was rather devastating also a Dog Whip which I also had over fifteen years ago.

Having returned to My craft I have decided to offer a free whipping session in exchange for the grace of a gift of an OWK item which I have displayed at My Wishlist on the OWK site scroll to the bottom of the page and make the selection.

you must contact the OWK direct owk@owk.cz to purchase and then contact Me direct to offer this token and I will arrange and hire a BDSM space in exchange, I will enjoy My new hurt'able and you for one hour of My Sadism energy no fee!

Warm regards



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