• Sovereign Rouge

Four new clips available - filmed 12/04/2022

Cruel Boot Worship

Dressed in My red and black jodhpurs, tweed fur jacket and new leather thigh boots and leather gloves I instruct slave to have his very first experience of licking My boots in service and worship. I inform him that there will be a forfeit if he receives any pleasure from this service and he fails by developing an erection, so I ensure he suffers at the hand of My cruel leather gloves.

Ankle Suspension Caning

I have slave suspended by the ankles and I deliver a stoic caning for My cruel pleasure. I am dressed in jodhpurs equestrian tweed jacket leather thigh boots.

Pain Game

I have two slaves unaware of My cruel intentions a game that will create pain for My amusement. I first organise cbt slave inside a leather body bag and then into the suspension bondage sack for total embolization double layer bondage then I apply electro straps to his genitals and link up the electric box. Second slave is already laid out on the punishment bench totally restraint free so I can test his will. I decide on a cruel game which will involve both slaves at the same time each 10 strokes I will increase the electricity. I first punish with a Rebenque leather strap then onto the authentic South African Hippo Hide true punishment suffering!

Sensitive Ruined Jack Off

I have slave secured into position while I apply My brand new skin tight black leather gloves to control him with something he finds unbearable an over sensitive ruined orgasm. First I ensure the friction of My virgin leather gloves create the over sensation then onto slapping and crunching the balls he hates it I love it. Pain over sensitive and then finally ruining the orgasm when I controllingly jack him off. Very amusing!

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Clips4sale: https://clips4sale.com/studio/13392/mistress-roug-e-uk…

Dominity: https://dominity.com/71815

Warm regards

Ma'am Rouge.

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