• Sovereign Rouge

Disciplined slave emenac.

Serving a Mistress day to day as a lifestyle choice and being privileged to be in such a position is dream for most and yet here i am. Nobody will ever take that role away from me whilst i'm fit enough and able enough to serve. But like anyone, i'm not perfect in any way - i have faults and traits that i'm prone to and aware of. I'm a natural cutter of corners if I know I can get away with it, prone to becoming lax and complacent. Ma'am is all to aware of these faults and W/we've always been of one mind that strong discipline is the best way of ensuring these tendencies are kept suppressed and over time, erased completely.

Ma'am promotes Herself as a Disciplinarian and She embraces this role with relish in ensuring Her household runs smoothly. I've never considered myself as a natural "born to serve male", i neither creep nor crawl or dish out platitudes to curry favour but I do pride myself in serving properly and to the best of my ability when given the chance. And i like to prove my worth by working hard to make a Mistress' life easier. That is my goal, at all times. And to help me achieve that goal i need the discipline that Ma'am prescribes for me on a regular basis. Discipline should not be confused with punishment. Discipline is maintained to negate the need for punishment. So discipline, even in it's more cruel or harsher forms, is accepted and endured for all the best reasons.

Chastity is now a way of life for me. Ma'am allows me one release a month - my monthly reset as She calls it. The most basic and fundamental form of discipline for a slave. Total sexual control. She also has total control in my appearance when i'm serving Her at Her home. She cuts my hair in whatever way She chooses for me, sometimes brutally should the mood take Her. Ownership reinforcement, a regular and meaningful ritual that always reminds me to whom i belong to. Ma'ams preferred dress code for me is to usually serve/work naked for indoor duties and in my usual 'nilla clothes outdoors or when in public for obvious reasons! However there are periods when this is not the case, when certain disciplinary methods are being employed for my own good. If She detects a small decrease in my work rate, or an attitude that needs adjusting slightly then I will placed under a harsher regime for a period, a week or two perhaps to remind me of what i am there for. The workload remains the same but the conditions harsher. So rather than work naked, indoors i will serve and skivvy in a hessian dress or wearing a sack with holes cut for my head and arms. Humiliation. And of course the coarse scratchy sackcloth constantly irritates and torments the skin on contact. It never lets up, i feel hot and miserable doing my work but in a positive way, the discipline being inflicted adjusts my attitude, reminds me of what i am, Ma'ams skivvy. If i'm working outdoors or on a shopping trip i will be wearing a tee shirt that has the inside covered in hair clippings that inflict an even worse torment than the hessian attire. And when i'm put to bed on overnight stayovers i will be sleeping in sack cloth wrapping. Instead of a hot shower Ma'am will have me under a cold shower, no matter how much i dread them. She finds it so amusing when i beg but if She is in a less than amiable mood i have to remain silent and stoic under the freezing water else risk being made to stay there even longer. It certainly wakes me up. An austere regime for a while to put me back on the right path. Sometimes, Ma'am might caress the back of my legs and bottom with fresh nettles before i start my work. Another method that will stay with me throughout the day once administered. The stinging slowly giving way to itching. My discomfort is not allowed to impede my productivity but is there to readjust my focus and i welcome that. Positive discipline. A caning or strapping before bedtime. Nothing too severe but enough to be thinking about. Or tawsed palms to work with. The stricter periods do not afford me my usual recreation time on overnight stays. Those hours will be spent writing lines or doing corner time. 2 or 3 hours spent looking at the wall, my nose against it. Some of the time may involve stress positions, or with nipple clamps applied. Ma'am can be quite cruel with variations on a corner time theme. Just an hour can seem like a day - time to reflect and learn, albeit the hard way. Lines to be written, over and over again each evening to make sure the lesson is truly remembered. Hard education that will stand me in good stead - Ma'am knows best. Always.

Ma'ams preferred method of punishment is a hard judicial caning or strapping. These are different to the more milder disciplinary canings or strappings i often get. She has a collection of very severe canes and She will not hesitate to take the skin off my bottom with them if She feels it is required. A judicial strapping with Her rebenque is to be truly feared. Full force strokes produce such a searing pain that builds exponentially with every stroke. The leather does not cut my bottom, it can be administered at full force for long protracted sessions without blood splatter. I do all i can to avoid these severe punishments and Ma'ams strict enforcement of rules and Her pro-active approach to discipline is the perfect way to avoid these occasions. It makes for a happy Ma'am and a happy, well disciplined slave.

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