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Corporal Punishment My feelings.

Such a horrendous scenario for some however a heavenly experience for many.. Quite an oxymoron pain for pleasure and visa versa.. Some are taken by surprise when the head-space kicks in and totally takes over and the once grey area is annihilated & eradicated.

The cane is not to be jest with and it is no wonder it is feared and respected.

Fused merged union of energy a crescendo of totally orchestrated brutal blissful creative fusion. Ramped up, slowed down, relentless yet calming nurturing, exhilarating, admiring, respectful... Dual sated... Bliss!

Now realized with My two decades of discovery about and within Myself I now would rather less is more regarding administering strokes.. Having had My limits stretched in such a beautiful Sadistic journey Sadism realized accepted and enriching.. I would much rather quality to quantity nowadays.. I have totally immersed Myself into the realms of brutal Sadism enjoyed every moment still within Me simmering nicely...However My penchant now is not the wrath of My right arm but the beautiful intent by cascading upon buttocks the less the novice alike, aswell as the seasoned.. My journey continues.

Some have been quite taken by surprise what they can endure on a CP level in session I suppose the wonderful head space has a lot to do with it and in contrast acts as a catalyst to some that would never dream of accepting such a punishment... Grey areas are sometimes abolished in the moment impulsive moments I find the chaotic moments freeing and beautiful, no need to align precise symmetry as I did starting out distracting from the free spirit of the Discipline.

Saying that the threat of the cane is also just as refreshing using it as a deterrent a threat too... Delightful....

Respected Corporal Punishment and long may it reign!

I enjoy making the conscious decision of how many cane strokes some endure I have a numbers thing always have, addressing and announcing each stroke before it connects in relish.. The buttocks sometimes clench in defense and each stroke count with intent and precision. Something quite admirable about perfectly aligned stripe sears also on a different note the fulfilling brilliance of an erratic savage sadistic frenzy.

Bastinado so rare yet such a sadistic thrill not about much these days however I do enjoy administering this punishment..Knowing that punish'ee has to walk and leave My presence with punished feet sometimes I guesstimate how long the pain will last, the car journey, the train journey, the next morn.. Hidden concealed torment within footwear and the added infliction of the actual physical movement of walking on them... Bliss...

Strapped palms, also create a stir something about the most used digits and palm searing continual way after the punishment has ended. I know My slave emenac has been disciplined with a palm tawsing and then off to tend to his domestic duties must be challenging, good!

I actually enjoy the pause after My stroke has embedded it's desired target,, The moment when breath is drawn in the impact realized accepted endured. That magic moment when I take a pause, re-access and decide when to replace cane lining up for the next stroke.. Something quite beautiful about this moment... Some aware of the cane strokes to be completed some panting, some silent immersed in the moment flushed still recovering from the contact of the last... Beautiful!

Disciplinarian Ma'am.

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