Regal Gourmet Breakfast
Champagne and Kaviar
10am at your hotel room
Birmingham City Centre

Twenty years ago when I started My Femdom journey I had many requests for hard sports which I declined for I felt I was not ready for such an intense and intimate scenario and in honesty I did not quite 'get it' I believe understanding is needed to fully immerse ourselves into a certain fetish or activity with full passion and  commitment.

Now wiser and more open to such perverse creative endeavours I wish to explore the realms of this specialised intimate niche which I feel is a ritualistic act of devotion and debasement which is integrated into service as a full human toilet.

I feel reward in the power exchange and the reality of penetrating your body with My divine noble deposits at My will and instruction to the worthy latrine servant.

Meeting will be at 10am at your hotel room in Birmingham City Centre or on My tour travels UK and Europe in alignment with My natural movements.

I am medication free, alcohol free and drug free and have an enriching diet.
I am naturally untouched no waxing no shaving which I feel adds to My powerful essence and pungency embracing My divine feminine in all ways.

This is a Premium Service and there will be strict selection process and deposit will be necessary.

Dare you Dine on the Divine to be My Royal Flush! 

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